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Why have a membership Committee ?

  Written By Tom Filipiak

 In the year of 1977, I became interested in Radio Controlled (RC) Airplanes. I joined the Flying Knights Club to become more acquainted with the hobby of RC. To my disappointment I found myself separated from the club members and not learning much about RC.  I vowed not to let this happen to anyone becoming interested in RC. 

Elmer Gross approached me with the idea of forming a Membership Committee. I thought, here we go, my ambition is becoming a reality! The new visitors at our club meetings will not feel alone and separated from the club members any longer. They will become familiar with RC and happy they picked RC for a hobby and an escape of the dull realities of life. Some common questions from visitors are:

    All these questions and many more come to the mind of anyone interested in the hobby of RC. spacebar.gif (6740 bytes)

    During any one of our regular meetings, the membership committee meets in a separate room with the new interested RC visitors. We feel that we are on a one-on-one basis with the visitor in this meeting. Each visitor should attend (3) meetings . Then if they feel they would like to become a member of our club they can do so. Let me point out at this time that the primary interest in these meetings is to acquaint the visitor with the full aspect of RC airplanes. We do not primarily want them to join the club, but we do want them to be completely involved in RC. Again if after 3 meeting they wish to join the club they may do so. Let me introduce you to the guide lines of a typical committee meeting or class, if you will.

      First meeting

    Second meeting     Third meeting     The afore mentioned 3 meetings, each should be limited to 30-45 minutes. Extra time needed for one-on-one conservations can come after the regular club meeting adjourns. As the visitor attends the three meetings, builds and flys his model airplane to the point where he will complete his solo flight, he is then awarded at the regular meeting his silver wing pin for his accomplishment with applause from the membership.

    I cannot emphasize enough, the benefit you get, as a beginner in RC, to patronize your local hobby shop. If you decide to order from a  magazine and have any questions pertinent to the RC hobby, the magazine does not answer your questions to your satisfaction. The local hobby shop sure helps you become a happy RC modeler. Always use an experienced instructor with a buddy box to help you learn to fly your first airplane. You will find them only too willing to share their experience of RC with you.