At The Flying Field



No need to stop flying when the snow starts.   A few brave souls head out to the field  when the winds stop howling.

The Picture below shows Frank Shattuck holding my plane that was flying when the white stuff decided to come down heavy

We do have a washing machine barrel to make fires in now..  that helps.


A fun fly a few years back.Before we had the new shelter built.   Nice not having to carry out and set up those bulky tents!



Here we have a series of pictures of our Wednesday evening, and Sunday afternoon "regulars".  Hugh Spears is above right, ringing out his Telemaster.

To the right we have a father son team with Rob and his father.  Of course in this case it's the son teaching the "old dog" to do some new tricks!

After the flying it's time to burn a few hot dogs and do a bit of  bs'ing.  Some of us are better at that than others, right Harvey?

Been doing something at the field???   Send a picture and a note!