Indoors at the "Ralph"

Saturday September 21st, Ron Partacz helped a local rubber flying group organize an indoor RC flying session at the Ralph C Wilson  field house in Orchard Park.

From 6pm til 10 several fliers spent 4 hours enjoying the still air in this huge barn.  Aside from the fact that there was no airconditioning on or any other type of ventilation, which made it quite warm and stuffy, we all had a great time!

The picture below gives some idea of the size!!

Planes such as the one above were the reason for no ventilation in the building. The smallest of air currents will affect their flight, a sneeze turns them to bits and pieces. George Fox learning about the finer points of scale rubber modeling. The rest of our crew is lounging in the back waiting our turn to fly.
Rob Michele and Ron Partacz took turns flying my GWS Tiger Moth, While on the right... I took a much more leisurely approach to indoor flying.