By Ron Wojcik
By now many of you have seen our new shelter at North Collins.
It is a great addition that will enhance use of the field for many years
to come. As a member of the shelter committee, it was a real pleasure
to work side by side with all of our great members who came out to
help. You did a GREAT JOB!!
I want to give my personal thanks to the other committee members, Bob Waldruff
Chuck Schummer, Greg Achtyl, who committed themselves to time and labor, that
made this project a success. Also, I request any member who has not met or talked
with our new member, Greg Achtyl to do so. He is a great young man (dresses funny) 
and a tremendous worker, who was out there from start to finish. 
Members of this club should commit themselves to insure that Greg becomes a great pilot. 
(His parents must be proud.)




Sat. 5/12/01    The anticipation was finally met with the digging of (8) 12	
9am            inch post holes, 4 feet deep. This was a challenge since we
		only had a 36 inch auger. The team of Bob Waldraff, Jim
		Pravel, Dave Igel, Chuck Schummer and Greg Acetyl made
		short work of creating (8) holes, 36 inches deep.  So it was
		decided that I go 57 miles round-trip to get an extension.
		When I returned, Dave and Greg had dug (5) holes, 4-feet
		deep, just to keep busy. That convinced me we have
		dedicated members.
Sat 5/19/01	Excitement started early Saturday Morning as volunteers
10:15 am	waited for the delivery truck to drop off material.
		It was great to see everyone working together. As I helped
		to assign jobs, there was Bob Walldraff right behind me to
		make sure my instructions were correct.....What_a wise
		choice for "field engineer". I assigned a team consisting
		of Bob Rogers, Jim Pravel, Hugh Spears and Vince Rasp to
		add a support to roof trusses. Made template for accuracy
		It worked most of the time. Good thing the trusses came
		to a point. It helped the team of Tom Filipiak Bob,
		Chuck, Greg install them right -------Point goes up guys.
		21 trusses were installed in 1 hour, 15 minutes..
		Many -thanks to Lucy (Bob's black lab) She greeted everyone
		who passed through the gate ------ AHOOOO!!
		I reassigned the team of Bob, Jim, Hugh, Vince. Stu Brierley
		came on board. No sense breaking them up, Did a great job
		on the trusses.




New Assignment: To put up T-11 ply on the ends of shelter. The only 
request is to have the panel lines vertical. The reason for assignment ... 
It kept 5 great minds busy while the rest of us got our work done. 
I hope we have pictures of all the sample pieces and layout work that
went into this. It's a good thing we can only drive by one side.
My apologies to Don Domon, I should not have interfered with his preparing 
the lunch. I burnt the hot dogs. SORRY, Don!! Meanwhile Bob Waldraff is all 
over the place! He never slows down...	"One Man construction crew."
Sat. afternoon: Team on the roof has installed all the trusses and nailed down 
23 sheets of plywood, is getting ready to go home. Still waiting for team 2 to 
finish sides. If only that T-11 ply had equal width panel lines! GREAT JOB GUYS!!
Sunday morning:   Another great weather day!!  Volunteers drifted in
slowly.  Assignment: Finish covering the roof.  (our team of Bob W.
myself, young Greg, Dave, and Stu) Everything is going smoothly.
Subs are for lunch, Lucey is greeting a late comer.  Low and behold Hugh
returns, decides to leave his plane in the van and brings out his hammer.
"Putting shingles on", I did before, he said.  So we hoisted him up.  Who
are we to say no?  Would you believe that for a time, there was one of 
the youngest members, Greg, working along side the oldest member, 
Hugh....  What a club!
Seems Dave Kobie had an annoying problem while working on the roof.
("Nasty little flies") Strange no one else had this problem!  I wonder if
old spice would have helped.
Sunday, 4:30:  The roof is complete, they guys are coming down. Hugh
decides to take one last look at the work and declares it "SAFE FOR 
LANDING"  I must congratulate all of you for your decision to make this 
project a reality, and finally, THANKS to Verizon phone company
and Blue Cross/Blue Shield for your cooperation!!  You really came through!!


Supports - (8) telephone poles set 4 feet in ground for a 12 foot wide X 36 foot long vase.
Roof	- 21  trusses 4/12-pitch
	15 feet wide x 40 feet long
	It is off set from center to give approximately 4 feet
	overhang on flying field side for shaded viewing.
Approximate time of construction from staking out location to completion - 31- hours.
Build (4)12 foot benches, (2) to face field and (2) to face inwards.
	Add crushed stone under shelter.